How To Partner

World Rainforest Day is an opportunity for you to inspire millions to educate, celebrate, and act! As a WRD partner, you are joining a coalition of organizations committed to preserving and restoring Earth’s rainforests.

In just three years, World Rainforest Day has reached millions through social media and on-the-ground actions around the world led by NGOs, businesses and individuals with passion and vision, just like yours. 

This June 22nd, World Rainforest Day will be a powerful online presence of films, virtual tours, panel discussions, games, guided meditations, social media challenges, and more as we give thanks, joy, and a little bit of wonder while celebrating Earth’s rainforests together.

Join the movement!

Help us strengthen and grow our communities through sharing your unique messages and gifts with the world and building a base for lasting climate action.


Join us in mobilizing millions of people to action!

Help prepare, promote, and produce World Rainforest Day. Through your social network and ours, raise awareness and empower individuals with the tools to take action on behalf of rainforests.

  • Create social media content for the official platform
  • Share content on our live-streaming platform
  • Join other partners to create new content
  • Host an event



Get the word out and amplify our message to the world!

Use WRD digital toolkits to flood social channels with information, calls to action, and opportunities to learn and do more. And if our kits don’t cover it, do it your own way and share why rainforests are important to you.

Let us know the partnership opportunity that works best for you and your organization. We will be in touch with more information and collateral to help you with your plans.



Partnership Benefits

World Rainforest Day partners are showcased on our website where visitors are encouraged to donate to their causes related to conserving and protecting the planet.

Reach us by filling out your information on the right and join the World Rainforest Day global partner network.

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